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Sample Pre-Conditioning system can be necessary to cool the sample, heat it, reduce or boost the pressure or to vaporise from liquid to gas.

Reasons for this can be :
> Very high pressure or temperature
> Very hazardous sample
> Low pressure or temperature
> Minimising the sample volume

The total of the necessary equipment for this is called the Pre-conditioning system.
This system is placed on or near the sample take-off point.

The sample pre-conditioning system can typically comprise one of the following components:
> Booster pump
> Pressure regulator
> Vaporising pressure regulator
> Cooling or heating facility
> Pressure or flow indicator

When pressure regulators or vaporising pressure regulators are used, it is very important that the volume between the sample “sample take-off point” and the vaporiser (regulator) is kept to a minimum to avoid long sample time lag.