Worldwide a partnership that expands sampling solutions

Mechatest Sampling SolutionsMechatest B.V., founded in 1991, is one of the leading independent system Integrator companies for sampling and sample conditioning systems in the Netherlands.

We earned a worldwide reputation for its expertise and know-how for the design and manufacture of complete custom-built sampling products and solutions.          

As an independent System Integrator our main activities are the complete design, engineering, procurement, assembly and integration of instrumentation and analyser systems, metering systems, grab sampling systems, calibration and sample recovery systems.

Co-operation with major suppliers and international well-known fabricates of components, the experience and know-how acquired in designing and manufacturing make Mechatest capable of providing its clients with the "best" solution, both in technical and economical terms.

Our designs are made to work in applications requiring techniques and materials capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions.
Working closely with our clients and major suppliers we have the latest information regarding problems, techniques and specifications.
We are familiar and able to work with all major manufacturer's equipment and are free to choose the best possible for your specific needs.

This way we are able to provide our clients with optimised solutions for all demanding applications such as high operating pressures, high temperatures and corrosive fluids and environments.
We have considerable experience in handling a wide range of materials, not only stainless steel but hastelloy, incolloy, monel and other exotics as well.

Our highly qualified personal in the production have a variety of automatic machines at their disposal.
All our instrument (pipe) fitters are qualified and highly skilled to ensure optimum fitting quality.
They have the knowledge to design and manufacture in accordance with several foreign codes and standards.

Know-how, expertise, high quality, service and innovation have put our products and solutions at high level all over the world.

Much to the satisfaction of our clients we serviced industrial sectors like refining, natural gas, gas-processing, petrochemical, chemical, cole-gasification, plastic, food, paper, water-treatment, and firms of consulting engineers.

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