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  Engineering and manufacturing high quality analyser shelters
Mechatest offer a full design and manufacturing capability for the supply of analyser shelters.
Our shelters are suitable for outdoor use in an industrial environment.

After selecting the Analysers and designing the sample systems it is very important to choose the environment for the complete system.

The assembly of multiple instruments in a shelter creates several economic advantages:
> Reliable / stable measurement
> A good working environment for monitoring and maintenance
> Lower maintenance costs
> Longer lifespan of the equipment, Etc.

In a lot of cases a “walk-in” shelter is a very good and durable solution.
The design of the analyzer shelter must consider many factors and options:
> Local ambient conditions
> Hazardous area classification
> Power distribution
> Heating, Ventilation / Air conditioning (HVAC)
> Gas detection
> Construction shelter (Stainless)Steel / GRP
> Construction floor / base
> Calibration facility
> Grab sample point
> Carrier gas facility